Lounge Speaker as TV speakers

Flat TV screens need to be extended for good sound even with an external speaker. Thus, the soundbar or the TV socket with inter-alloy speaker is a useful addition to the TV geworden.Eine Soundbar custom fit is a discreet way, but then you take acoustic disadvantages. For example, music playback: The TV is limited by its size the stereo width. That falls on if you want to use the soundbar speakers for listening to music and as had previously “real” speakers. Given the very flat and small Soundbarlösungen always require the use of an external Soubwoofers. The TV socket speaker solution has indeed integiert the bass, but is in the design possibilities are limited in also lower the stereo baseline play.

The perfect solution for TV and music playback
The Lounge Speaker is then ideal when music is even without the TV / display. When used as a TV speakers can be dispensed with the Center for the homogeneous radiation. The typical line source nature also ensures best speech intelligibility.
Lounge Speaker, die bessere Soundbar

Lounge Speaker Vorteil – Advantage – stereo width

The Lounge Speaker is set up as a normal stereo standing speakers. Due to the larger distance between the right and left speaker hi-fi stereo enjoyment is a much better solution than a soundbar, the “only” the stereo base width as the screen is large.

Disadvantage – Soundbar not without a subwoofer

A subwoofer, which is almost always a part of this system soundbar has yet to be housed separately in space or furniture.

Subwoofer – advantage for the Lounge Speaker

The woofer is also the base and ensures the safe state of the slender column in the room.